How to Properly Care for a Wooden Deck

Wooden decks are easy to care for, but they do require time and attention to keep them looking their best. When neglected, a wooden deck will lose its luster and can even become a potential safety hazard. Follow these tips to extend the life and beauty of your wooden deck.

Keep the Dirt Off

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This tip may seem like a no-brainer, but it is essential to keep your deck free of dirt and debris. Occasionally sweeping the floor or using a leaf blower can help rid your deck of dirt before it becomes ingrained in the wood. The more frequent the cleaning, the better off your deck will be.

Use Quality Sealants

One of the best practices to take with deck maintenance is to apply a high-quality sealant. These can be done in either a clear coat, a natural stain, or a painted look and texture. Not only will this make your deck look newer and cleaner, but it will also fill in the grains and cracks to keep debris from soaking into the wood. A high-quality sealant also makes sweeping easier as it is harder for the dirt to get stuck in the wood.

Shovel the Snow

Whenever there is snowfall, clean off your deck along with your walkways as soon as possible. When snow sits on your deck, it keeps the wood moist for an extended time. The wood will then become soaked with water that can make it crumble and splinter more easily. If the snow is melting and refreezing, the ice that forms will expand in the cracks and cause separation and breakage. It also becomes a great living space for mold to grow, so it’s best to shovel snow as quickly as possible.

Trim Surrounding Vegetation

If you have plants and bushes near your deck, make sure you are trimming them off the surface. If left to grow unchecked, branches and roots can grow into the floor and cause it to break apart. They will also attract wildlife that are prone to chewing on wood, such as squirrels and chipmunks.

Following these steps will keep your deck clean and healthy. If you think you need a complete deck overhaul, Props Consulting is certified to offer both wood and composite decking services in Medina, OH that help enhance your outdoor space. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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