How Do Energy-efficient Windows Work?

Whether it is a new home under construction or an old house, energy-efficient windows help in reducing energy consumption and, subsequently, power bills. But, many homeowners may be unsure of just exactly how energy-efficient windows work. Here are the features of energy-efficient windows.

Glass Coatings

The side of a house with large windows

Low-emissivity glass coatings, commonly referred to as low-E coatings, work to boost a window’s ability to conserve or repel heat. They do so by allowing fewer UV rays to pass through the glass. Similarly, U coatings on windows help to retain non-thermal heat already inside the home. When selecting new or replacement windows, homeowners should look for an ENERGY STAR label. This will display the different coatings on the glass and which is appropriate for different climates.

Gas in Double and Triple Pane Windows

Windows with multiple panes will use special gasses, most often argon, between panes to create a barrier between the house and the external environment. Since these gasses are denser than the oxygen, they help minimize the amount of energy that gets into the house by acting as a layer of insulation.

Use of Special Frames

The type of window frame plays a critical role in determining a window’s performance in conserving energy. Metal and wooden frames are not very energy-efficient options. Instead, ENERGY STAR recommends homeowners choose frames made from fiberglass for the highest level of insulation.

By installing new energy-efficient windows, you can lower your energy costs, raise the resale value of your home, and boost your curb appeal, all while helping the environment. At Props Consulting, we carry windows from top brands, including Marvin and Pella, and we’re the only Elite Preferred Installer for James Hardie windows in the Medina area. Contact us online today or call (330) 237-8100 to learn more about how we can enhance your home with replacement windows.

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